The Visit to Thailand

The visit to Thailand or you could say land of Thai people, an amazing place. The place known for its beaches, royal palaces, temples DSC01875displaying figures of Buddha. Pattaya particularly known for its beaches is a nice place. Different types of beaches and sand, feels like be there for as much time as possible. Walking on the roadside along a beach at night a nice experience, jogging along the beach on the road keeps us refreshing. People are nice, friendly and ready to help tourists.

The next trip was to Bangkok, I was surprised to see Bangkok, the tall skyscrapers reaching to the skies, the developed Bangkok just IMG01773-20150626-1837amazing.The night markets in Bangkok are very nice, you can do a little shopping, roam around the market, the narrow roads and shops lined up, very nice. Thailand is a must place to see.


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  1. Akshay Malik says:

    glad to hear that you have started blogging kulish.. keep this up boy 😉

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  2. Miriam says:

    Yes Thailand is on my bucket list.

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    1. Thailand is one of the best places to visit, almost everyone likes to visit It. And thanks for reading my blog😀

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      1. Miriam says:

        My absolute pleasure. One day I will get there!

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  3. viktoriap says:

    THIS is why I’ve been wanting to visit!

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  4. Thailand is one of the best places in the world. You must visit there it’s a very nice place.


  5. I’m currently in Bangkok! Thanks for posting this!

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    1. Enjoy your trip and surely visit the Grand Palace!😀


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