Back With A Story

I’m back after a short time, my exams have finished and I have done pretty well in them I think. Today I just went to a place my father took me I don’t know where it was but it was great. I was thinking that the place should be dry and too hot as I have heard but I was surprised to see the greenery when I reached there. The place was full of green plants and it was quite hot as I thought. I was in a village with greenery all around and the place was full of plants of grains and mustard plants. We were there for around two hours and it was quite good. The mustard plants were having yellow flowers and the air around smelt like wet soil. 

I had a pretty good time with nature today after a long time.

 The place was looking like this.

Mustard plants having flowers.


Carrot plants I think.  
TThe way out of here.



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