Hi Guys I am Kulish or you can call me Kk. I am a happy person, a traveller, and a lover of everything interesting. 16 year boy from India, fond of visiting foreign countries and meeting new people.  I have visited many countries and my hobby is doing what I love to do at that time. I love to talk. I always have a thinking that anyone should not give up travelling because travelling is something which makes you stressful and happy. I am always happy in life and when I visit a country it feels I need to explore the country as much as I can. The first time I visited a foreign country the feelings that occurred at that time, the memories, I even remember them now. In my life I want from myself that I never stop travelling.

Don’t be shy I’m happy when someone comments.

If you have any queries or just wanna say Hi drop by me on Facebook or Twitter at kulish_kataria